Landzen Design Process

Initial Consultation

Walk project site with client
Gather information from client regarding project goals, concerns and budget
Review portfolio photos
Discuss high-level design ideas and possibilities

Conceptual Design/Budget

Perform site analysis, take measurements and inventory existing elements
Draft conceptual plan based on objective identified in consultation
Develop project budget with high and low options based on project scope and material choices
Present conceptual plan and project budget to client for feedback
Client selects from menu of options to determine project scope and materials

Construction Plans

Revise plan and budget with client feedback
Finalize project scope, material selections and planting plan
Complete construction details and plans
Present final plan and construction budget

Project Construction

Landzen contacts client to review project and set tentative start date
Landzen conducts pre-construction meeting with client on site
Landzen (Charles “Randy” Randolph) directs project; provides architectural supervision
Landzen reviews any change orders with client prior to completion
Create written punch list during client walk-through
Construction agreement fulfilled upon completion of punch list

Aftercare and Maintenance

Landzen consults with client to determine any maintenance needs and services