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Landscape Design & Construction in Sonoma County

We create thoughtful, engaging landscape design that is sensitive to human scale.

We create landscapes of all sizes. We understand the opportunities for gardens and outdoor living on smaller urban lots. We are also experienced in the landscaping of larger estates.

Landzen designs for your landscape needs and your budget. From the smallest to the largest spaces, your land will benefit from our design and construction. We are confident that you will too. 




We have an open and flexible landscape design process. It begins with a clear definition of the client’s goals and objectives. These are fitted to the unique opportunities that are found in the client’s site. The design develops by honoring both the opportunities and the constraints. Together with the client, we explore design alternatives before synthesizing a final plan.

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Realistic financial goals are as important to us as they are to you. Wish lists and project expectations are quickly paired with budget realities. Materials and subcontractors are selected based on value and quality.  The client is always included in this process. Design fees are fair and reasonable. Construction supervision, material, and subcontractor selection are inclusive. A one-year warranty applies to all materials and construction — the entire project.



Randy Randolph

I received a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin in 1973. I interned with the Peridian Group in Pasadena and Corona del Mar. I founded Lifescape Associates in Colorado in 1976. Lifescape was a pioneer in the design/build industry, setting the bar in creativity for outdoor spaces. I moved to Santa Rosa in 2013 and started Landzen. Click here for more about me.


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